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White Book of National Defense
[Image: 193px-CoA_Empire_of_Brazil_%281870-1889%29.svg.png]

Livro Branco da Defesa Nacional
(White Book of National Defence)

[Image: zFpcS7z.png]

Although the end of the Cold war gave rise to a new multi-polar world, threats both new and old still remain a constant concern for nation-states around the globe, with governmental and non-governmental actors alike having the means from which they are able to threaten Brazil, it is His Imperial Majesty’s Government's duty to make sure the nation’s armed forces have the capacity to defend the Empire and uphold its sovereignty.

It is for this purpose that the Ministry of War and Defence has commissioned this “White Book of National Defence”, to organise and detail the means and requirements that the nation’s defences shall require, and the path necessary to be taken to deliver on those requirements.
[Image: P08RRwA.png] [Image: Teley6b.png] [Image: vpaXzR3.png]

The Imperial Armed Forces of Brazil, in their standing form that was inherited from the previous administrations has been proven to be unfit to protect the Empire, the Imperial Army is unable to protect the border and the territory, the Imperial Air Force is unable to watch over the Brazilian airspace and intercept a threat that attempts to violate it and the Imperial Armada does not have the arsenal to watch over Brazil’s territorial waters.

This sorry state of affairs will be repaired by a new command structure that will be detailed within the pages of this document.
[Image: 608px-CoA_Imperial_Brazilian_Army_%281860%29.svg.png]

The Imperial Brazilian Army will adopt a bigger emphasis on a divisional system, increasing the number of divisions from 5 to 35, while limiting the usage of independent brigades to specialised troops, such as rocket artillery, anti-aircraft, jungle warfare, “caatinga” warfare and mountain warfare among others. These new formations shall allow for the Imperial Army to have the necessary means to protect Brazil’s territorial integrity and the Empire’s sovereignty, furthermore it will increase the number of active personnel from 360.000 to 550.000, a necessary increase to assure the safety of our people.

[Image: aY22W9F.png] [Image: RnG1Qyn.png] [Image: arsot4K.png]

However, the transformation of the Army is not just about increasing its size; it also involves a significant investment in the latest military technology and equipment. Advanced communication systems, modern weaponry, and protective gear will be essential to maintaining the effectiveness of the newly-expanded force.

Moreover, the Army's training and education programs will be updated to keep pace with the evolving demands of modern warfare. This will enable soldiers and officers to respond more effectively to any potential threats and ensure that they are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.

Overall, the increased size and capability of the Imperial Brazilian Army will serve as a powerful deterrent against potential aggressors and provide a greater sense of security to the Empire's citizens. The combination of modern technology, superior training, and a larger force will help to ensure that Brazil remains a strong and secure nation.
[Image: 487px-CoA_Imperial_Brazilian_Navy.svg.png]

The Imperial Brazilian Navy will evolve from a brown-water navy with limited green-water capabilities into a blue-water navy that has the capacity to look after the nation’s territorial waters and rivers, for this purpose, the Imperial Navy will expand its fleet of warships from 90 warships to 413, with the potential growth to 514 warships if necessary, such strength shall allow for the Imperial Navy to protect Brazil’s sovereignty and it’s interests overseas, such as the 4.4 million square kilometre expansion of the Brazilian maritime territory.

[Image: uphsT56.png] [Image: rG04XoX.png] [Image: d4TjJ3z.png]

With a dedicated marine corp, the Imperial Navy will also prepared to spearhead expeditionary operations overseas, provide an additional layer of protection for Brazil's strategic assets and projecting power in support of Brazil's global interests.
[Image: 630px-Coat_of_arms_of_the_Brazilian_Air_Force.svg.png]

While most ground support duties and naval air operations shall be delegated to their respective branches, this doesn’t diminish the importance of the air force and responsibilities it upholds, however with an ageing fleet of aircraft, these responsibilities have become increasingly difficult to maintain. Under its new structure, the Brazilian Air Force will be capable of engaging in both defensive and offensive operations to ensure Brazil’s ownership of both it and the enemy’s airspace while also destroying the enemy’s war effort with strategic strikes.

[Image: 44047545072-30bbbc934b-b.jpg] [Image: article-10-6.jpeg] [Image: 29913421748-786cf33e43-b.jpg]

To accomplish these goals, the Brazilian Air Force will undergo a significant expansion and modernization effort, increasing the number of overall aircraft, investing in the research and development of domestic aircraft designs, developing strong air defense systems, early warning radar systems and integrated air and missile defense systems.

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